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Easy Multimedia Limited
86 Parkneuk Road
Glasgow G43 2AF

our main business services overview

Based in Glasgow but with a customer base that spans the UK, Easy Multimedia Ltd. offers CD & DVD Duplication & CD & DVD Replication.

Our duplication service is suited to those needing CD's or DVD's in a hurry or those needing relatively lower quantities of discs. Since nearly all our duplication work is produced in house, we have complete control over end results, allowing us to maintain quality and consistency.

Our CD & DVD Replication service, glass matsering service, is ideally suited to those needing relatively higher quantities, from 500 units and upwards, and where timescales are more felxible.

easy multimedia: it's about quality and service

Just about every company claims to be committed to things like quality and service -- they talk the talk, but do they walk the walk? We know we do.

Our industry essentially involves printing and copying data to discs. On the data-copying side there isn't really that much that can go wrong -- simply put, it either works or it doesn't and we test everything thoroughly before commencing with production to make sure.

Printing, on the other hand, is more complex. It necessarily involves design and, as with most things artistic, leaves a lot to the discretion of the beholder's eye. Additionally, design for print needs to conform to certain standards in terms of layout, colour formats, resolutions, etc.

Easy Multimedia Limited are the only CD & DVD Duplication & Replication company in the UK offering free graphic design to all customers. We do this to promote quality and it just works. Since all design is either checked or produced by us, everything we produce conforms to the technical standards required.

Moreover, since we also do so much in terms of printing and production ourselves, under our own roof, we have the privelege of being able to spot potential problems before they happen. In this, we hope you'll agree the above allows us to whole-heartedly say we walk the walk when it comes to quality and service.