Blu-Ray duplication is a new, exciting area of service for us. With a minimum order quanity of 25 units and super-fast turnaround times, there's really no longer any reason to compromise on video quality. We are finding that a lot of companies are ordering Blu-Ray alongside regular DVD Duplication so that their customers are given a choice and that's a good option to consider as levels of Blu-Ray playability in society continue to increase.

Our standard Blu-Ray disc has a capacity of 25 GB. We use high quality discs and burn at deliberately low speeds which ensures the reliability of the discs. We also offer a guarantee on quality with Blu-Ray duplication, as with CD and DVD, so that any problems are rectified on a no-questions-asked basis.

DVD Duplication Packaging Options

We have a range of packaging options available for dvd duplication. Costs are available instantly online using our instant Quote system. More typical options are discs with no packaging, card wallets, and standard blue blu-ray cases, as below. As with all our services, free graphic design is available.


DVD Duplication: Minimum Quantities & Turnaround Times

Our minimum order quantity with DVD Duplication is 50 units, except where card packaging is used in which case 100 units would be the minimum. Turnaround times are typically 48 hours except where card packaging is used in which case we require a 4 to 5 working days. Since most of the work we do is carried out in-house, we do have room for flexibility on timescales and you are advised to call us in advance if more urgency is required.