Free Design

Our free graphic design offer is available to all customers of duplication & replication

Ensure quality

Free professional design allows us to avoid printing errors and maintain high standards

free graphic design because quality is key

Our free graphic design offer is open to all duplication and replication customers, regardless of quantities order or the complexities involved. Most of the designs featured on this website were produced by us on behalf of clients. Design is something we take seriously and it is handled professionally with drafts and approval required at each stage until completion.

Free Design: How It Works...

The process is kept as simple and straight-forward as possible: simply email any text, logos, photos and graphics that you want incorporated in the design to us along with a covering note explaining what goes where, etc. Alternatively, if you don't have a clear idea of what style and look you want, you can ask us to have a pop at coming up with a design for you. We're happy to do that and we enjoy a creative challenge.

Why Free Design?

By offering free graphic design we want to make the process of ordering CD's and DVD's as easy as possible for customers. We also want to do everything we can to make sure errors and delays are avoided, and that the discs and packaging we produce look great. Frankly, from a business perspective, it is entirely in our interests to do this; it isn't a facet of some altruistic plan to win a Nobel prize...

We want customers go away happy every time (not just sometimes, or most of the time, every single time) recommend us to others, and come back again. Our free graphic design service along with the free technical support we offer go a long way towards ensuring that standards are maintained. Our company has roots in multimedia design so it's natural for us to help in certain areas where we can.

What if We Produce Our Own Design?

Brilliant. Of course, we will check everything thoroughly before production commences and make sure it meets the required standards. If fixes or adjustments are necessary, we will draw your attention to areas affected and offer to address these for you or suggest how you might do so yourself...

Free graphic design: terms & conditions

We only offer free design to customers intending to order CD & DVD duplication or replication with us. If, however, customers choose to emply a third party company for manufacturing after we have produced design, then we would look to introduce a fee for the design work carried out by us. Additionally, where customers commission us to undertake design but at a later date decide not to go through with the project, they can expect us to introduce a fee for the design work done. See design fees below.

Our free design service allows customers 3 hours of professional graphic design with no charge. In the vast majority of cases, 3 hours is plenty of time to for us produce artwork. To give a measure of how likely it is that design charges will be introduced, less than 10 customers out of hundreds in 2010 were charged by us for graphic design.

We only introduced design fees where design work takes more time than expected and this is usually a consequence of customers changing the brief. Before charging additional fees for design, our designer will draw the customers attention to our terms and conditions with a view to avoiding fees -- we would never try and add design fees as a hidden cost and customers can always expect notification well in advance of fees being introduced.

Additionally, where fees for design are proposed, we will always enter into an arrangment with the customers as to the amount likely to be charged to complete artwork etc. Typical rates for design are £40 per hour.